Techniques to evaluate bacteriophage killing


Bacteriophages are viruses that are particularly reliant on their bacterial hosts’ metabolic...
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Bacteriophage Visualization Under Microscope: Understanding the Types, Techniques, and Importance


Bacteriophage research has seen a resurgence in recent years due to its potential for treating antibiotic-resistant bacteria. One of the...
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Research: Antibiotics Can Alter the Infectivity of Bacteriophages


Antibiotics are drugs that help fight bacterial infections. Recently, scientists have discovered that these drugs can also affect the way...
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Phage Therapy: A Personalized Approach to Treating Bacterial Infections


The idea of using viruses to combat bacterial infections has gained widespread recognition due to...
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The best way to Isolate bacteriophage DNA

PROTOCOL • 2 Comments

As someone who has done a lot of bacteriophage research, I know how common it is to get host DNA contamination when attempting to isolate...
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Is a bacteriophage living or non-living entity?


Phages, like other viruses, have a complex life cycle that causes them to be classified as non-living, despite the fact that they...
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The Lytic and Lysogenic Cycles of the Bacteriophage

What is a difference

A virus is a microscopic, intracellular parasitic organism. It infects the host cell and uses its...
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Halteria: The first known virus-eating organisms

Halteria, Protozoa, RESEARCH • 4 Comments

In the microscopic world, some bacteria have been observed to feed on other bacteria, and viruses have been observed to infect bacteria....
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Exploring Phage T4: The Most Popular Virus of Microbes

BACTERIOPHAGES, T4 Phages • One Comment

Phages or Bacteriophages are viruses that mainly infect bacteria. They are highly specialized and have evolved over time to become the most...
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Phage mediated biocontrol of phytopathogens

Phage in plants, RESEARCH

ⒸBIOTEC Phytopathogens have always been a barrier to the agricultural industry’s ability to...
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